Interested in a great opportunity to serve the Lord? You can find great opportunities  here to jump in and lend a hand. You'll meet new friends, learn new skills, and have lots of fun.


A staff member at Whispering Hope Ranch is an individual with an active and growing relationship with Christ. They have a consistently positive attitude and a teachable mindset. They are flexible and willing to do their best at any task given to them. They enjoy working with children and are comfortable around horses. (Previous horse experience is not mandatory.)  


Both volunteer and paid staff opportunities exist here at the Ranch. 

Summer Staff Positions:

⦁    Wrangler
⦁   Teen Volunteer Program



Whispering Hope Ranch Ministries | R
Whispering Hope Ranch Ministries | R
Whispering Hope Ranch Ministries | R
Whispering Hope Ranch Ministries | R
Whispering Hope Ranch Ministries | R

This is a paid part - time position for an individual 18 or older.

As a wrangler you will be assisting in facilitating a safe and fun riding experience for all guests. This will involve a great deal of hands on horse care and tacking horses for riding times. This position also includes ranch maintenance such as lawn mowing and weed whacking. A wrangler has also read and complies with the mission statement and values of Whispering Hope Ranch. 


Give us a call for more information or to interview  for this position. 

Teen Volunteer Program

This is a volunteer position for teens ages 14-17


If you love horses and have a desire to serve God have we got a place for you! As a summer volunteer you will have a blast  during the summer helping groups of campers enjoy horse sessions, games, ranch activities, cowboy chapel, and more! You will also get tons of hands-on-horse time as you assist in the barn, arena, and on the trails during each camp. Staff training in June will both challenge and equip you for your summer adventure. The training you receive will teach you skills you can use in everyday life, strengthen your relationship with God, build teamwork, and establish lasting friendships. As a volunteer you are committing to 3 days of staff training (from 9-3) and volunteering to assist with 2 of our summer day camps.   

Give us a call for more information or to sign up for this program.

Check out the forms page to apply. Applications may be mailed to:


Whispering Hope Ranch Ministries
659 Mayhew Road
Rose City, MI 48654

Three reference forms are required with application. Please give a copy of the reference form along with a stamped envelope addressed to Whispering Hope Ranch to each person who will be giving a reference for you. One reference must be from a pastor/youth leader. Don’t forget to have them check out our website ( as you share with them about the position you are applying for.  


We also rely on volunteers throughout the rest of the year to come along side us as we minister to kids year round in various Ranch events and programs. We need: 

⦁    Horse handlers
⦁    Mentors
⦁    Side walkers
⦁    Prayer warriors
⦁    Kitchen helpers
⦁    Cleaning crew
⦁    Hay harvesters
⦁    Maintenance workers

If you have a heart to serve here at the Ranch we would love to have you! If you would like to assist with the horses prior horse experience is not necessary. If you enjoy being with kids, are comfortable around animals all you need is a willingness to learn. As a volunteer you will receive training to keep yourself and the program participants safe around horses. We believe that when kids are safe and having fun they are able to receive the love of God and teachings of His Word that we strive to share at every opportunity. Contact the Ranch if you would like to volunteer and check our calendar for the next volunteer training session. 


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