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Sharing the love of God through the use of His creation, the horse.

Since 1999 Whispering Hope Ranch has provided fun, learning, and mentoring to help young horse enthusiasts learn more about themselves and the God who loves them. Nestled in the beautiful hills of the Huron National Forest, the Ranch allows kids to enjoy horses in a safe, nurturing environment.

In addition to horsemanship training, our program teaches leadership, outdoor skills, and spiritual lessons from a Biblical, non-denominational perspective. Many of our programs are offered free of charge, thanks to our generous supporters and volunteers.

In  addition, several camp scholarships are available from area churches or individual sponsors.


The mission of Whispering Hope Ranch is to be used of Christ by bringing the message of salvation to lost and hurting people, through the use of His creation, the horse. Our focus is on children, not only for their salvation, but also to train them as future leaders. We desire to teach holiness, and Christ's unending power to transform us into His image.


Horses are an amazing tool for us. For one reason, a horse's size can be intimidating. It causes people to forget about their troubles or the walls they have built to keep people away. They are focused on how to avoid getting hurt and also how to connect with the horse to get it to do what they want. When people visit the ranch their full attention is on the horses and the "cowboys" (the ranch staff) which means that we have a teachable and open audience at almost every turn.


Horses can develop safe and trusting relationships with most young people – even kids who have lost the ability to trust anyone. Here is one of the many inspiring stories from Whispering Hope Ranch. Jake* was about 10 years old when he first came to the Equine Therapy Program. When Jake stepped off the bus it was obvious he had set protective boundaries – he didn’t want anyone in his space.


At the Ranch, one of Jake’s first activities was to groom his assigned horse Cody, a tall, affectionate Missouri Fox Trotter. Hesitantly, Jake reached up and began brushing the large animal’s fur. Suddenly he yelled, “WHAT is this horse doing?!” Cody had wrapped his long, soft face and neck around Jake. When we told him that Cody was “hugging” him, Jake thoughtfully relaxed and hugged the horse back – a long, heartfelt embrace.

We soon discovered that a breakthrough had happened for Jake; this was the first time in years that he had allowed anyone to touch him in any way. A hurting young man was able to be a normal loving boy: giving and receiving love from God’s creation, the horse.


*Jake’s name was changed for privacy

"Me and my husband went horseback riding yesterday and had an amazing time! Couldn’t have had a better guide and the ride was stunning! We learned a lot about the ranch and upcoming events! We will be back!!! Thank you Whispering Hope Ranch!!!"

"We love this place! Every summer my granddaughter looks forward to going North to visit the Ranch and the horses."

"I think that it is one of the best life experience I ever had with God.  I connected with Him. I couldn't have done that without the staff. Thank you staff for the help that means a lot to me. Thank you."

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